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Today I’ve discovered two terrific Twitter visualization tools that I would like to share with you. Both can help you find very interesting people to follow on Twitter.

The first one is Twiangulate [you can also follow them here]. As they themselves put it, they discover “hidden tweeters, friends of friends (or friends of enemies), micro-influentials who only insiders follow… or sometimes just friends you haven’t yet seen tweeting”. They help you see the biggest (or the most influential) followers of any two or three Twitter users, as well as mutual followers and mutual friends, compare lists, and do much more. Here’s a screenshot:

With Twiangulate you also have two options for results output: as a table or as a map. Here’s how the latter looks (once the cursor is pointed at one of the users on the map, you see their info/details, recent tweets, and also have a “Follow” button there as well):

The other tool I have really enjoyed playing with is MentionMap [also on Twitter] by Asterisq. Here you can analyze only one Twitter user (or their connections) at a time, but the visualization you get is simply amazing. Here’s a sample of mine:

The highlighted nodes indicate the largest number of mutual mentions. The more mentions, the thicker the line connecting the nodes. As you look through other people’s connections and analyze that that mention them most often, you inevitably find some interesting new people worth following.

Have I missed your favorite Twitter visualization tool? If so, please do mention it in the “Comments” area below.

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9 Responses to “Two Great Twitter Visualization Tools: Twiangulate & MentionMap”

  1. Trisha Lyn Fawver says:

    Looks cool, but what a silly name :p

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  3. Linda says:

    I get “error on page” every time I try to use Twiangulate…any suggestions? MentionMaps works fine — very cool.

  4. John says:

    Thanks for your review of Mentionmap! We’re excited to be adding some interesting new features… stay tuned

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