Middle East Arabic Affiliate Networks

First off, let me clarify the title of this blog post. Not to offend anyone, I am well aware that the Middle East is also composed of several non-Arabic countries (e.g. Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, etc).

However, with Arabic being the most widely spoken (and written) language in the region — also being official in the vast majority of Middle Eastern countries, and #11 language of the world’s Internet users [source] — I am focusing this post on Arabic affiliate networks of the Middle East.

There aren’t many, but with the increasing Internet penetration and Middle East’s booming e-commerce, it is important to know who the key players in the affiliate market are. Here are the two affiliate networks that are currently operating on the Arabic market (and worth your consideration if you’re planning on expanding your affiliate marketing campaigns into this part of the world):

Disclaimer: I have not worked with either of the above. So, do not read this list as any kind of endorsement. Do your due diligence yourself; but I hope you’ll find this post a good first step in the process.

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4 Responses to “Middle East Arabic Affiliate Networks”

  1. Mechaly says:

    I search for Saudi arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar,
    Barheim Forex CPL
    Do you have any ?

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for compiling this list. I have been searching for a while for this. Do these companies also deal with North African arab states, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt etc..?

  3. Hi Geno,

    Many thanks for the mention! We do indeed cover North Africa so if anyone is looking to extend their coverage to the Middle East or indeed North Africa then they are more than welcome to get in touch.

    Our Merchant can be contacted at performance@ikoo.com .

    If you are an Affiliate then feel free to contact us at affiliate@ikoo.com and the team will guide you through the Publisher Registration Process as well as assisting with any queries you may have regarding the offers available.


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