Picked Up a Few .MEditerranean Pearls Too

As many of you know the registration of .ME domains was open to public yesterday. The .ME extension is still an official ccTLD (country code top-level domain) for Montenegro, “the pearl of the Mediterranean … situated in the south of the Adriatic” [source].

For over three hours yesterday afternoon I was fighting for my pearls. Registered over 20 domains, but a few slipped through my fingers, as I’m sure many of you have experienced too. The Institute of Commercial Management in Great Britain has put it better than anyone else by publishing an article with the name “œGoDaddy domain registration proves troubleso.ME” [read] today. The three that I especially regret loosing were: humor.me, retire.me, and educate.me. Oh, well”¦ I did pick up a few other “œMediterranean pearls” anyway.

Been educating myself on domain selling today, and found the “œUnofficial NamePros Domain Appraisal Guide” [here] to be quite helpful in the process.

Good to be learning something new every day.

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