Hundreds of .ME Domains Already Auctioned

After receiving a “Super Bowl-like spike in traffic and domain registrations”, registering “more than 20,000 .ME names” in the first 24 hours of registration [source] and many more in the days that followed (no wonder why, when is selling them for 50% more), now shows hundreds of .ME domains going to auctions. We have all expected this logical sequence.

 None of the domains I lost are up there, and neither is

Among the funnier least expensive domains currently auctioned I have found (being sold only for $60); while among those priced at $20,000 and higher, I find the following ones to be most amusing (both in their length, and the pricing!): and ($35,000 each), as well as and (each priced at $25,000).

Good luck to everyone auctioning! 🙂

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