Parasitism in Affiliate Marketing. OneCause.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “parasitism” as is “an association” in which a parasite “obtains benefits from a host which it usually injures.” [source] In affiliate marketing, a parasite is an affiliate that always (not “œusually”, but always) injures the host (another affiliate), and does so by stealing commissions from the latter (hundreds of millions of dollars is not unusual). It’s as simple as that, and is adding yet another page to the history of parasitism in affiliate marketing these days.

I would highly encourage fellow affiliate managers to study the following sources on this particular case:

As I have stated in the above-quoted ABestWeb’s thread, “œtotal disrespect of both affiliates and merchants is a mild way” to characterize such a practice. If you haven’t done so already, its time to take a stand against parasitism in affiliate marketing.

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