Online vs. Physical. They Coexist.

A few days ago I have encouraged my Twitter followers to take a poll. In it I have asked them how they prefer to get their credit card statements. The options were: “Online”, “Snail Mail” and “Both”. Even though only 7 people have voted to this date, the poll results are consistent enough for me to make a conclusion. All seven participants have stated that they like getting their credit card statements in both the electronic, and the paper form.

Yes, people still go to news kiosks for newspapers and magazines. They check their mailboxes expecting to find their bills and credit card statements (and, hopefully, a letter from a friend too) there. They read the actual hardcover and paperback books on the planes (sorry, Kindle)… There is something about seeing it on a paper, touching it in person, and being welcomed by a real in-store assistant and not an animated talking character.

The physical and the online coexist. The latter has not eliminated the need for the former.

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