Are You Getting Enough Fresh Air? I'm Not.

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day in Northern Virginia. The temperature went up as high as 64°F (18°C). The sun was shining, the little breeze was there… and I decided to go to a local trout stocked lake to fish. I didn’t catch anything today, but this doesn’t upset me. I got more fresh air — by being outside for just a few hours today — than I normally do from Monday through Friday. And this got me thinking…

We talk about all of that extra weight that we gain due to our sedentary lifestyles, but we miss all of the other things we miss [pardon the pun]! Fresh air is definitely one of those things.

I’ve been speaking with different types of Internet marketers at conferences, and many (if not most) admit they they are “not getting enough air”. With the level that Internet-penetration and development of e-commerce have reached, we can work, shop, read news, watch favorite sports channels, re-connect with our classmates, and network with our colleagues, study, pay bills, play video games, read books, do all kinds of researchers… and so much more on the Internet. The only things we cannot do via Internet are satisfaction of our main physiological needs and reproduction. Most everything else seems to be there; and it glues us to our screens, depriving us of the life outside of our office or computer room.

We were made to spend time in the fresh air. Without it we get headaches, become cranky and dependent on caffeine. We drink so much caffeine for energy that we forget (unless we’ve never known) that a good morning walk/run, and a contrast shower could give us as much energy as coffee, but with much better consequences for our health.

I’ve decided to change my life. From today on, I will make sure to spend at least an hour a day in the fresh air (and triple of that during holidays and weekends), and will resume jogging in the mornings too. Challenge yourself too! After all, this will only help us all live longer, healthier, and therefore, more fruitful and happier lives.

5 thoughts on “Are You Getting Enough Fresh Air? I'm Not.”

  1. I agree with you 100%! So many of us have begun to take (begun to?) the basics of life for granted – fresh air included. I started walking outdoors for 30-60 min. daily back in the fall and I felt SO much better for it! Alas, the cold starkness of winter arrived and I quickly abandoned the mission for the warmth and relative security of home. Thanks for the inspiration to take up where I left off! Spring is on the horizon and fresh air is calling…

  2. Hello Geno,

    “We were made to spend time in the fresh air.” Precisely! I often walk to the beach to fish in the surf. Even if I don’t catch anything, it is mesmerizing just to be out there.

    Being a desk-jockey is sometimes a wicked trap…good to get up and walk away, and get out into some nature. Maintain sanity & health 🙂


  3. Liz, Jeremy,

    Thank you very much for taking time to comment!

    JPP, your collection of fishing links did my heart good. Will start with first things first — fishing knots! Should I add it to my resolution to learn a knot a day? 🙂

    Thanks again for your comments. Much appreciated.

  4. As for fresh air, that’s the reason I live in a warm climate. My office has 40 sq. ft of open windows all year round. I do not own an air conditioner, I want the air to flow throw my house and put “too many” windows just for that reason. A fan is enough when the hottest day is maybe 90º.
    I do get up and get out in it, too. Just harvested my avocados and now the grapefruit trees are ready. I enjoy working in the yard and with a big yard it is never finished.
    I spent a lot of years working in stale air places before I was able to have my fresh air place so I applaud the idea of getting out in the fresh air whenever you can. Fishing is a great way to enjoy fresh air and activity (fish or not).

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