Affiliate Marketing Conferences – 2009

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Ayako Bingham of (aka @ayakobing on Twitter) has posted the following tweet:

I looked around, and couldn’t find any. So I decided to compile a list of all 2009 affiliate marketing conferences, conventions, and symposiums that I know of. Here we go:

2009 Affiliate Marketing Events

01/11-01/13 – Affiliate Summit West (Las Vegas, NV, USA)*
01/21-01/22 – LinkShare Symposium West (San Francisco, CA, USA)
03/30-04/01 – Casino Affiliate Convention (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
04/02 – LinkShare Symposium UK (London, UK)
04/24 – LinkShare Symposium Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
04/28-04/29 – a4u expo Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands) [coupon here]
05/26-05/28 – IMC: Affiliate Marketing Focus (Stockholm, Sweden)
06/01-06/02 – Affilicon Israel (Tel Aviv, Israel)
06/17-06/21 – Affiliate Convention (Denver, CO, USA)
06/22-06/23 – LinkShare Symposium East (New York, NY, USA)
07/08-07/09 – eComXpo (online)
07/09 – Affiliate Tax Talk & Crab Feast (Baltimore, MD, USA)
07/25-07/26 – Forex Affiliate Business Conference (New York, NY, USA)
08/09-08/11 – Affiliate Summit East (New York, NY, USA)* [coupon here]
08/17-08/18 – LeadsCon (New York, NY, USA)
09/TBD – Casino Affiliate Convention (Moscow, Russia)
09/10-09/13 – Budapest Affiliate Conference (Budapest, Hungary)
09/15-09/17 – Commission Junction University (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
10/13-10/14 – a4u expo London (London, UK)*
10/14-10/15 – Affilicon Scandinavia (Stockholm, Sweden)
10/23-10/25 – ShareASale ThinkTank (Newport Beach, CA)
11/19-11/20 – Affilicon Far East (Beijin, China)

The * asterisk marks the conferences that I have personally attended in the past, and found them worth my time and money.

I have missed anything, let me know by commenting under this blog post, and I will add make amendments to my list.

[List updated: 08/27/2009 at 8:30 am ET]

33 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Conferences – 2009”

  1. Aunesty,

    While I personally do not believe there is a need for yet another U.S. affiliate conference (besides the semi-annual Affiliate Summits that have been gathering a great crowd for years), my goal was to put together an unbiased list.

  2. Just a heads up: a4u expo Europe early-bird pricing closes tomorrow (midnight [GMT] Saturday). Full affiliate pass is going to go up in price from €179 to €279, while network/merchant/agency passes’ prices are going to increase from €279 to €379.

  3. I’ve just heard from Commission Junction that the dates for this year’s CJU have been moved to 09/15-09/17. Updated this in the above-quoted list of affiliate marketing conferences.

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  5. Just learned about another affiliate marketing conference — the Budapest Affiliate Conference that’s coming up in September. Added it to the list too.

  6. Thanks a lot for this list! Thanks to @drumminLogan for sending me here. Hey, nice to see you here @ayakobing! Small world.

    Now, where can I find a list of trade shows not necessarily about affiliate marketing, but where people gather? (like Blog World, Ad:Tech, TED..etc)


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