How Much Alcohol Do Online Marketers Consume?

Over the past week I have conducted a poll, where I have asked online marketers about their alcohol consumption. Here are the results so far:

I would prefer not to comment much on this one, but let you make your own conclusions (by the way, if you haven’t voted on the above poll, your honest vote would be much appreciated). Let’s just keep in mind that there are two things that destroy neurons (brain cells that once destroyed do not regenerate): (i) stress and (ii) alcohol. While the former often leads us to the active use of the latter, I am not sure this is the best solution.

4 thoughts on “How Much Alcohol Do Online Marketers Consume?”

  1. Vlad,

    Thank you for voting. The more votes we get — the more clarity there is.

    Since the time my above post was made, we’ve have 7 new people vote (total number of voters to date: 35), and the spread now looks as follows: None (23%), 1 or less (20%), 4-6 (23%), 7-10 (26%), 11-15 (3%), and Over 15 (6%).

  2. I imagine these results mean really nothing at all as there is no time frame stated for these beverages to be consumed. Is this daily, weekly, monthly?

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