Squats and Push-ups Keep Me in Shape

I certainly do my sit-ups too, but throughout the work day I keep the following two rules (that help me stay in shape, and keep moving even while working predominantly under sedentary conditions:


Regardless of the fact that most of my work is done in front of a computer screen, I do have to get up during the day (to grab a coffee, send a fax, send my mail, etc, etc). I’ve made it a rule to never sit back down in my chair unless I’ve done a 10-20 squats. Adding all squats up at the end of the day, you arrive at an impressive number of them, and body likes it.


Determine a regularly repeating thing you do throughout the day (be it posting a tweet, checking your e-mail, or even using a restroom), and make it a rule to do a number of push-ups after every occurrence of it. If necessary, take a day off after the day you’ve been doing your push-ups. Increase the number of “per set” push-ups on the following day.

Also, remember to drink plenty of water, go to a gym or a swimming pool at least 2-3 times a week, and get enough sleep to feel rested.

Stay healthy, folks! It’ll keep you productive for longer time.

4 thoughts on “Squats and Push-ups Keep Me in Shape”

  1. I really like this simple post. I have started working more and more at home, which I love, but the addiction to keep going and rushing back to finish one more thing means I have neglected my core muscles. A nice practical reminder. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the great ideas. What a strangely useful post for affiliate marketing.
    When I get up to go in the basement for something, I make a point of going up and down the stairs an extra time. It sounds redundant and my wife makes fun of me, but I believe it helps 😉

  3. Glad to hear that you both have found these tips of help. Health of online marketers is an important topic that used to be neglected for a long-long time; and now when something is written on it, it’s mostly about losing weight.

    Caleb, not sure I get the reason for the sarcasm behind that “what a strangely useful post for affiliate marketing” line.

  4. Great stuff,

    I’ve always found that as soon as I wake up, if I meditate for just a few minutes and then go directly to the gym, I feel exponentially better throughout the day.

    My mind is much more clear, my energy levels are through the roof, and as soon as bed time hits, I crash hard and get the proper amount of sleep. It’s an amazing way to live.

    I challenge you all to try this for one month and see if you feel like a completely different person.


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