Nicholson's Motivation Method & Affiliate Context

affiliate program management, and my own effectiveness as an affiliate manager, I see several implications in Nicholson’s method. As mentioned before, the main peculiarity of affiliates is that they are an independent workforce. Hence, when the problem lays in the affiliate manager – which is “one of the most common blockages” in a traditional management context – affiliates do not join affiliate program managed by such affiliate manager. It is important for me as an affiliate manager to keep perfecting my communication skills, introspection and self-criticism, sincere empathy and open-mindedness, continuing to develop more personal relationships with affiliates in informal contexts. While “employee termination” is an option in Nicholson’s context, it is not an option in the affiliate marketing context. In fact, it predominantly happens vice-versa, and affiliates are the ones that “terminate” relationships with non-empathetic and irresponsive merchants, or those that believe in motivation by fear, or exercise a top-down management approach. Nicholson makes an important statement, from which his whole approach stems. He says that “all available evidence suggests that external incentives – be they pep talks, wads of cash, or even the threat of unpleasant consequences – have limited impact.” In fact, “such inducements are most frequently effective with people who are “already and running,” while “the other folks” should be approached through a highly individualized approach that aims at discovering the “motivation energy” that they already have, and directing it towards “achievable goals.” This insight is directly applicable in the area of affiliate program management.]]>

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