100th Blog Post – 100 Books Giveaway

Today is the 100th day of 2009, and it marks is my 100th non-stop blog post.

To celebrate this day, I have decided to make it fun and give away 100 free copies of my latest “Online Shopping Through Consumers’ Eyes: A Study of Online Users’ Responses to 107 Questions” book (the offer is good for shipping addresses within the continental US; sorry, overseas folks). You only pay $3.95 for shipping, and the book is yours!

Wish me a happy 100th blog post, and pick up your free copy of the “Online Shopping Through Consumers’ Eyes” below.

The book is based on 107 questions posed to the average Joe/Jane online consumers. The topics I have covered range from general online advertising and B2C marketing questions, to website usability and modern-day online consumer behavior. It’s a well-illustrated, easy read, intended for online marketers that work in various fields: from affiliate marketing and analytics to SEO and web design.

For your convenience, I will keep the count of the available free copies below.

Current count of available free copies: 0 books (you may buy one here)

28 thoughts on “100th Blog Post – 100 Books Giveaway”

  1. Good day Geno!

    Happy to find another affiliate marketer from Moldova! Geez I thought I was the only one.

    How do I get your book shipped to Moldova? 🙂

  2. Radu,

    Anxious to learn more about you and your work. E-mail me at geno |at| amnavigator |dot| come when you have time. Maybe we could work together through some of the programs I manage.

    I believe the best way to get the book shipped to Moldova would be to order it on Amazon (probably, one of the European-bases sites; French or German one).

  3. Hi Geno – Happy 100th. I look forward to reading the book – we work in the usability and user experience world and always looking at things from users’ perspective – thanks!

  4. Chris,

    Thank you for your comment, and the book order.

    Since you’re in the UK, the cost of shipping is actually going to be some $10 higher. That is why I have tried to limit this giveaway to U.S. residents only. I’ve just sent you an e-mail about this. You may find purchasing it through this Amazon.co.uk link to be more economical, but I’ll be awaiting for your reply anyway.

  5. Congrats on your 100th blog post Geno! You are a blogging machine! Keep up the great work.

    We’re constantly looking at usability and user experience, so I’m interested to see what you have to say about the online shopping experience.

  6. “Blogging machine” – LOL

    Thanks for your congrats, Dale, and, beyond everything, hope you will find the book of practical use.

  7. Matt McWilliams

    My wife just bought this for me as a gift! I cannot WAIT to read it Geno. Dale is right…you are a blogging MACHINE!

  8. Congratulations Geno! I need to create a post-New Year’s resolution to try and keep up with your posting 🙂

    Looking forward to receiving your book.

    ~ Denis

  9. Matt, Denis,

    Thank you folks, and your book orders have already been sent to my distribution center. I hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

  10. Once again Geno, thanks for giving so much back to the community and I will be eagerly awaiting the book. As I’ve said before I visit your blog daily to see what you will be posting. There is so much good advice that you give. Very inspiring and motivating 🙂

    Looking forward to sitting in on more presentations as well at the next conference.

  11. Kunal,

    Thank you for your comment. My pleasure to be of service. Your words are also very motivating to me. Thank you.

    Re your book: since you’re in Canada, the shipping is slightly more expensive, and I’ll shoot you an e-mail about in a sec.

    Folks, we have only 11 books left!!

  12. Hello Geno,

    Happy 100th blog post! Wow, that had to be a challenge! But then, you challenge yourself all the time. I want to thank you for your Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing book and for all the affiliate marketing knowledge and resources you share with others. I’ve learned a great deal from you, and especially appreciate your philosophy about different types of affiliates and the importance of strengthening business relationships. Thank you for continuously providing so much value to affiliate marketers and affiliate program managers.

  13. Jean,

    You are most welcome. Once you’ve read it, your feedback on the book (the format, the questions/issues you’d like to see covered in the second edition, etc) would be much appreciated.

  14. Geno, got the book yesterday. Thanks a lot. It looks amazing specially with the design. Not much of a book person but I’m so looking forward to reading this one because the first few pages that I went over already got my attention with the amount of useful info.

    Congrats on a job well done!

  15. Kunal,

    Thank you for your compliments. Glad you liked the shell. Let me know what you think of the content once you’re doing reading.

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