Mediocre Affiliate Marketing & The Secret To Winning Big

As I was watching a video by Gerhard Gschwandtner of, where he was talking with Seth Godin about mediocrity and the mindsets that winners have, I was once again reminded of what makes “super affiliates” stand out.

So many affiliates want to become super and win big, yet so many settle for being average and, consequently, never reach the desired goal. Godin says that “the big win is when you refuse to settle for average or mediocre,” because “mediocrity is for losers.” You want to make sure you stand out, and only then you will get talked about by customers, and “communicate emotion and trust” (which should be your ultimate objective).

Godin says:

What you do as a salesperson is you communicate emotion, but you can’t communicate emotion and trust to someone if they are not listening. And the only people who are gonna listen to you are the people who were pre-sold on you, ’cause some told them about what you do and how you do it.

Here’s the video:

As an affiliate, you want to concentrate on something, and do it consistently and to the best of your ability. Be innovative (look at what you do through your site’s visitors’ eyes and minds), passionate and persistent! And when you reach good results with one campaign, don’t settle down, but start another one (following the same principles of communicating emotion, and building a loyal following through trust). Using the analogy of skiing, Godin concludes that “what great salespeople do is not get through one dip and say ‘I’m done, I’m going to the beach’. They look for the next dip, because that’s all life is — a series of dips; that’s why we’re here — to go through the dips.”

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  1. Coincidentally, I have just had a translator explain to me that he has submitted a “mediocre” translation because he “felt uninspired by the task.” What a perfect illustration to my above blog post!

    If you feel “uninspired” — find yourself a different job, or you’ll be doomed to stay mediocre (hence, never win).

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