When People Love What They Do…


No, my today’s blog post isn’t going to be related to affiliate marketing or management/leadership.

Those of you who know me personally, know how much I love my little five-year-old Princess, and how proud I am of her. But today this little beauty has made me even prouder. She loves drawing, and about a week ago she changed her what-I-want-to-be when-I-grow-up dream drastically. I mean, as radically as from a nurse to a designer. When she told me that, I smiled, hugged her and said that she’s gonna be the best designer in the world.

Guess what? Today I’ve received evidence that she may very well be serious! She showed me a few pictures that she hand-draw with a computer software on her Mommy’s laptop (yes, with just a touchpad), and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ll show you two of them today.

Here’s one:

And here’s another one:

Aren’t these amazing?! Yes, the second one is of a Skype status icon for “online”!

Not only does Anastasia make me proud (again), but she also wonderfully illustrates the point that when people really love what they do, they do it beautifully. Do what you love, and your love will show.

Did I say the post wasn’t gonna be related to marketing? Oh, well… I guess, I just can’t help but make parallels.

6 thoughts on “When People Love What They Do…”

  1. Anastasia is definitely very, very talented:)

    “Those of you who know me personally, know how much I love my little five-year-old Princess, and how proud I am of her. ”

    Yeap, don’t think a person needs to even know you that well to be able to see just how much you love your daughter and how proud you are of her:)

    Sometimes guys don’t always express themselves too well when speaking from the heart but you do it beautifully when speaking about her and even tho I can’t see the other end of this computer I can tell as you wrote this your eyes were beaming with pride, big smile on your face and…..yeap maybe even a teeeeeeeny tear of pride.

    Anastasia’s a very lucky little girl to have a Daddy who loves her so much….and a Mommy, too.:)

  2. Wow! That’s awesome! All dads should be as proud of their children as you are of your Princess.
    Congrats on having such a talented young lady =]

  3. To Anastasia: you’ve done a fantastic job with your drawing! It’s a wonderful thing to share what you can do for others to see – it helps make the world a little more beautiful.. keep it up!

    Geno, thank you for sharing

  4. Thank you, Jen.

    When I read these lines to her, she was listening with a big-big smile.

    I also told her how you always have a little plush penguin with you, and ask people (at Affiliate Summits) to hold it for you to take a picture. She loved it!

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