Secrets of Becoming a Top Blogger

Almost a month has passed since I have made my Blog — Best Friend of An Affiliate post, and today I would like to return to the topic of running blogs once again.

Over the past months I have been noticing a significant growth in traffic of the two blogs that I run: this one, and one for Langbridge. I see my posts grabbing excellent rankings in major search engines (within minutes after posting too!) and this certainly encouraging to see.

The day before yesterday, @MackCollier made an interesting blog post where he talked about the “secrets of the top marketing and social media blogs” [see his full post here]. Has discovered that the top 25 blogs in these categories have some commonalities we can learn from. These are:

  1. They publish new posts often
  2. Every blog/blogger listed in the Top 25 is on Twitter
  3. Most bloggers provide multiple social sites where you can connect with them
  4. They create original content [italics mine]
  5. They make it easy for you to subscribe to their content, and share it
  6. Longevity always wins (i.e. the longer the blog has been around, doing all of the above, the better)

My conclusion: Quality Content + Combination of Social Platforms = Popularity.

Good insight, Mack. Good points to remember for everyone who’s blogging their way to that top 100, 50, or even 25 list.

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