Affiliate Marketers' Workplaces

Time and again I see “affiliate marketing” and “affiliate marketers” represented in images similar to this one:

Is this an accurate way to describe this business? I personally believe, it is not. While successful affiliate marketing does bring about a tremendous freedom, it is simply unjust to portray affiliate marketers this way. To achieve the freedom, and to keep on earning the money that makes their freedom a reality, they have to work, and while sometimes in settings similar to the one pictured above, definitely not all the time. To me, images like these, when used on eBooks’ covers and in articles on “achieving financial freedom” through affiliate marketing, is just another way to misrepresent our industry.

The August issue of the FeedFront Magazine, which is going to be distributed at Affiliate Summit East 2009 in NYC, should give us all a better idea of the settings affiliate marketers work in. Earlier this morning Shawn Collins has announced that he is “compiling photos of the workspaces of affiliate marketers” to publish in the 7th issue of the magazine. See his post for details. I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures there.

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