4 Cornerstones of Effective Affiliate Marketing Education

The June issue of FeedFront, the official Affiliate Summit’s magazine, is going to be hitting mailboxes very soon.

On page 10 of this issue you may find my newest article. In it I write about the desperate need for education that is present in the affiliate marketing circles. You may download this newest issue of the magazine in PDF at the FeedFront’s website, or view it online on Scribd.com. By the way, the subscription to this magazine is free (for those who reside in the US). So you might as well subscribe to receive it in the mail too.

In my article, I am taking about the widely spread absence of the affiliate marketing education which so frequently becomes the root of larger problems. After all, how could one know what is good for their affiliate marketing and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t, what underwater reefs to be steer clear of and what mistakes to avoid if he/she does not take the time to educate (him)/(her)self?

Learn more in my article!

In brief, I believe that the 4 cornerstones of effective affiliate marketing education are:

  1. Establishing a solid theoretical basis
  2. Adjusting theories to the peculiarities of your context
  3. Committing to an ongoing self-education
  4. Teaching others (through newsletters, blogs, articles, etc)

You may find my full article by following the above-quoted links.

I also always welcome feedback. So, if you have anything to say (by the way, I’m not afraid of criticism either), feel free to post your thoughts below (in the comments area).

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