Idea for Affiliates: Build on Keyword-Rich Domains

Almost three weeks have passed since I have blogged about keyword-rich domains as a part of the peel-the-inventory method, but after reading today’s post on the topic by Ann Smarty, I have decided to single this one idea out, and write about it separately. I have seen this method working for my translation website, and apparently other people are seeing this tactic working well in other contexts as well. It is therefore my belief that affiliates should be utilizing this more frequently, putting together niche websites focused on highly-searched-for key phrases.

Ann wrote that “search engines are reported (or rather expected) to be putting less and less emphasis on keywords in domain names” to exclude spammer abuse of the long-tail domains technique, and she also points out that “today it is almost impossible to get hold of any ‘exact match’ domains that  wouldn’t be too long or pointless”. However, after conducting her little experiment, she has noticed that, in reality, search engines do love keyword-rich domains. Additionally, I would like to add that with a bit of extra research it is still possible to find good long-tail domains. Based on my personal experience I have voted for option 1 on her poll “How much weight do keywords in domains have?” and I highly recommend affiliates to start experimenting with this idea.

6 thoughts on “Idea for Affiliates: Build on Keyword-Rich Domains”

  1. This is a very good question, Rhianna. I’ve heard different things regarding SEO value of keywords in subdomains. What has your experience been?

  2. My experience of keywords in subdomains is favorable.

    One problem that I have is that I have specified so many subdomains in my hosting account that I get lost in keeping track of what I have.

  3. My domain names are general but they are flexible and can target audiences when used with specific subdomains. I would rather make a general yet interesting domain name more specific with a subdomain than spend a lot of money on a more specific domain name that could possibly be a hit or miss.

    My problem is that I have planned my subdomains way in advance of web pages to populate those subdomain folders. I have to populate all those folders.
    My ideas are very good, I just have to FTP them all into Cyberspace *lol*

  4. I hear you, Rhia.

    I wasn’t talking about buying expensive keyword-rich domains but rather: looking for the already available ones, and build niche-targeted affiliate websites around them.

    Here are just a couple examples (of available domains):

    * – for Halloween costumes website. Niche, but man, do costume sales make some affiliates good money!

    * – hot, and quickly emerging niche

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