30 Practical Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Looking through the 100 Thoughts on Marketing list Valeria Maltoni has put together earlier today, and thinking of what works best in affiliate marketing, I have decided to compile a list of practical tips for affiliates to use. I’ve come up with 30 practical tips for affiliate marketers, some of which I have borrowed from Valeria’s list, others — from my personal experience, as well as from that of the successful affiliates I have a privilege to work with.

Here we go:

  1. remember that the visitor has come to your website for one of two reasons: to solve a problem, or to be entertained
  2. let your passion show
  3. be relevant
  4. provide a feedback channel
  5. be flexible to adjust your approach based on the feedback received
  6. don’t be afraid to innovate (it is by innovating that you stand out!)
  7. show the end user that you genuinely care (this should beam right through your website’s architecture and design)
  8. simplify
  9. create value
  10. communicate frequently, simply, kindly
  11. build tribes
  12. be contagious
  13. reward participation
  14. be yourself
  15. learn to speak your customer’s language
  16. constantly tweak, test, and improve (don’t be afraid to replicate techniques that have previously proven to be successful)
  17. add a product/service review feature
  18. go the extra mile
  19. be pleasantly unexpected
  20. be honest
  21. overdeliver
  22. adapt
  23. engage the customer by telling a story
  24. when possible, compliment your product/service page with a coupon offer (facilitate conversion!)
  25. educate
  26. be both interesting, and interested
  27. follow through
  28. make your web content both easy-to-read, and easy-to-share
  29. respect privacy
  30. educate yourself daily

Got your own tips to share? Feel free to post them below.

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