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Some view the communication channel as “the means by which messages get from one individual to another” (Rogers, E.M. (1983), Diffusion of Innovations, p. 17). To me, such a definition allows for a one-way street scenario — when the messages do get announced, but the feedback/cooperation component is lacking. I personally believe that an effective communication channel involves (a) an announcement part, (b) a feedback part, and (c) a response part. In the context of the affiliate program management, it means not only (a) communicating to/at your affiliates, but also (b) encouraging their input, and (c) listening to their proposals/comments/ideas, and responding to them.

When looking at the methods of communicating with the affiliates, I find it helpful to divide the communication methods into 3 groups:

1. Ongoing Communication

Provide for a channel of communication that they can always turn to, and be confident that they will find you there. I am taking about phone, e-mail, instant messengers, communicating via your blog, affiliate marketing forums and internal system of communication that your affiliate network may be providing.

It is also worth remembering that the top 3 communication channels that affiliates prefer are (i) e-mail, (ii) blogs, and (iii) network internal e-mail [more here, see graph #4]

2. Regular (Expected) Communication

Here I am talking about your affiliate newsletters, seasonal greeting cards/gifts in the mail, and other types of keeping in touch with your affiliates on a regular/recurring  basis.

3. Publications

Yes, publishing articles in magazines and on various online platforms will both help you recruit new affiliates, and help your current partners to achieve newer heights. Therefore, there is no reason to ignore these.

As always, if you have your own thoughts/techniques to share, be my guest by posting them in the comments section below.

1 thought on “Communication with Affiliates”

  1. Got a question from an affiliate that is seriously considering replacing a data feed of another Halloween-related merchant by the datafeed of whose program we manage. Replied right away.

    Just got this from him:

    Your quick reply is impressive. I appreciate ease of contact with our merchants and affiliate program managers and look forward to working with you.

    It is still easy to stand out as an affiliate program manager if you address affiliate concerns/questions promptly.

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