Yahoo! Deals – New Affiliate Coupons Aggregator

Yesterday Yahoo! has launched a renewed website, Yahoo! Deals (where they feature “deals and online coupons from around the web”), and resurrected their Twitter account @yahoo_deals to push the coupon offers published on Yahoo! Deals [source].

I went to the Walmart coupons page (titles and meta tags of all pages are well-optimized [no wonder why, right?], and destined to get excellent SE-rankings):


…and clicked all of the the “coupon” links to find out that the URL’s the end-users are going to be going through in this particular case are all LinkShare’s (i.e. affiliate) URL’s:


Then I browsed around a bit more to see that many other URL’s go via,,,,, and probably other affiliate websites I haven’t registered.

Looks like Yahoo! has just launched a new (or should I say, the first?) affiliate coupons aggregator.

I wonder what the rules for inclusion are. Obviously, the revamped Yahoo! Deals website is now directly competing with individual affiliate websites.

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