Newsletter Encourages Affiliate to Get Active

Some of you may remember my “Back to the Question of Affiliate Newsletters” post made earlier this month where I expressed my gratitude to an affiliate that called my newsletter “personal, intriguing, well written,” and one which she has never received from any other CJ-based merchant.

Yesterday this same affiliate has encouraged me again. She sent some clicks and a couple of sales since that newsletter, but yesterday she has put together a blog post about DaySpring Cards, and here’s what we see in her reporting for this program today:

CJ Affiliate Stats

Nice work!!

I hope she is encouraged by the above statistics as much as I am.

6 thoughts on “Newsletter Encourages Affiliate to Get Active”

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed it too (before publishing that screenshot), Juvaly. It must be some CJ glitch. May be connected with return visits, but I’m not positive it is so. It’d be something to ask CJ about.

    Conversion rate (CR) and average earning per 100 clicks (EPC) seem to be on track.

  2. Good stuff,

    Just goes to show you the power of motivation and how it affects an affiliates morale, which then converts to action.

    I try to work closely with our affiliates to see if they have any needs, or just in general through our newsletter.

    I have found featuring an affiliate every month in the newsletter does wonders for that affiliates willingness to excel.

  3. I agree, Ron, stressing other affiliate’s achievements always helps. Here’s a sale that rolled in with this exact program just yesterday (and I tweeted about it immediately to encourage current affiliates to press on, and motivate prospective ones to join this program too):

  4. I totally agree that having a fantastic newsletter is priceless–makes me feel like the company cares. And the information included made me feel like part of the in crowd. I look forward to the next one. And I’m thrilled I stumbled onto your blog.

    I also have to give credit to DaySpring for having fantastic sales. And also, the fact that their product is right on target with my readers. Ok, so I also give credit to myself for knowing my readers would love the product. Because I truly love the product–I was thrilled just to pass along the great deals!

  5. Thank you for chiming in, The Nester. We sure do care, and I’m happy to see a written work encourage an affiliate to produce such results so quickly. Yes, DaySpring is a great brand, which helps the conversions too; but most of the job was done by you, and I’m seriously proud of you. WTG!!

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