Back to the Question of Affiliate Newsletters

About a month ago I posted a layout of an affiliate newsletter in my blog.

Today I have sent out an August newsletter for the’s affiliate program, which covered 6 of the 7 points listed in the above-quoted post. Several affiliates emailed back almost immediately (they didn’t have to do it, but they did) just to say “thank you”, and one affiliate wrote:

I have been with Commission Junction for almost a year and you are the first advertiser to send out such a personal, intriguing, well written newsletter.

Wow. How encouraging!!

Emotions aside, to me – and hopefully to my fellow affiliate program managers – the above response illustrates two things: (i) that it’s realistic to know what affiliates want to see in your newsletter, and (ii) it is still easy to stand out, because very few merchants are doing their newsletters the right away. Affiliates want your newsletters to be:

  1. Personal(ized)
  2. Motivating (and here you want to remember that effective change always starts from creating a sense of urgency)
  3. Helpful

Finally, do not forget the three must-pay-attention-to P’s while focusing on the above characteristics.

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