Affiliate and CPA Networks Which Use Twitter

More and more affiliate networks, and CPA networks, are actively utilizing Twitter — both to provide affiliate and merchant support, and to announce new programs, contests/promos and enhancements. I thought you may appreciate a list of these with their corresponding Twitter accounts. Here’s what I’ve been able to put together (the lists are merely alphabetical; for country-specific networks I’ve marked the country in gray font):

Affiliate Networks

CPA Networks

If I have missed a network that tweets, let me know it’s Twitter address by posting it in the comments below, and I’ll make sure it is added to the appropriate list above.

Total Count: 52 affiliate and CPA networks.

5 thoughts on “Affiliate and CPA Networks Which Use Twitter”

  1. Thanks for mentioning us on the list Geno. We also have a Twitter account for MarketLeverageTV- @MLTV. We recently upgraded from a channel to a full network with daily content, and will be using Twitter more actively in the coming months for both MarketLeverage and MLTV.

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