Blog Tips or Essential Components of Blogging Strategy

Throughout my own blogging experience, as well as watching other blogs grow in their success, I have pinpointed 11 factors that may contribute to a blog’s success. They are:

  1. Posting valuable content
  2. Putting together meaningful titles
  3. Timely replying to comments in your blog
  4. Creating communities around blogs
  5. Leaving comments on other blogs
  6. Posting regularly
  7. Being SEO-friendly
  8. Utilizing social bookmarks
  9. Providing outbound links
  10. Submitting to blog directories
  11. Using widgets

I’ve also noticed that on the road to success some of the above-quoted components carry more value than others. To find out if this has only been my experience, or if other bloggers share the same belief, I published this poll. It looks like other people’s experience has been similar to mine. According to the current poll results, the following elements are being ranked significantly higher than the others:

  • Value-Added Content
  • Regular Posting
  • Timely Response to Comments
  • Leaving Comments on Other Blogs
  • Meaningful Titles
  • SEO-Friendliness

What has your experience been? If you haven’t yet participated in the above-mentioned poll, please take a second to vote [it’s a multiple options poll, and I’d appreciate you choosing all elements which you believe to be of importance].

2 thoughts on “Blog Tips or Essential Components of Blogging Strategy”

  1. For your “Using widgets” factor, what are your favorite widgets? Only widgets I find it useful are social media widgets and Photo sharing widgets so far, but love to know what you find it useful.

  2. I just use the Lijit one, but yes, I believe everything connected with social media (Twitter streams, Facebook and Google friends, etc), as well as photo and video sharing is most popular.

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