93 Percent of "Affiliate" Tweets Are Junk

I have just finished a quick Twitter analysis of 100 tweets with the word “affiliate” in them, and discovered that the two most popular topics “affiliate”-related people tweet about are: (i) tools, eBooks and technology that can make you a fortune overnight, and (ii) the “best affiliate program(s) on earth”. The former category includes tweets on becoming a super affiliates in the blink of an eye, “secret affiliate weapons”, generating “massive affiliate profit”, “taking ownership of your future”, buying multimillion homes from affiliate income, etc. The latter one is full of spammy recruitment attempts to find affiliates to promote products/services. I was able to find some absolutely sound tweets as well, but, unfortunately, they were quite scarce.

Here’s the actual percentage distribution that I’ve arrived at:

  • 67% – make-a-fortune-overnight tweets
  • 26% – spammy affiliate recruitment tweets
  • 7% – decent/worthy/helpful tweets about affiliate marketing

Surprising? Not in the least. Disappointing? Certainly. The snowball of affiliate marketing industry misrepresentation just keeps on rolling and growing.

5 thoughts on “93 Percent of "Affiliate" Tweets Are Junk”

  1. Oh, just click the hyperlinked phrase “tweets with the word “affiliate”” in the first line of the post, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It doesn’t change much from day to day.

  2. A see an amazing amount of these TWAM tweets every day. It’s pretty incredible.

    Usually a dead giveaway is someone who immediately DMs you when you follow them, and the message is trying to sell you something.

    Quite a shame.

  3. Yes, it is, Ron.

    There’s still a lot of good/useful stuff tweeted about affiliate marketing daily. It’s just a matter of following the right people.

  4. And this is happening not just on Twitter but on other social bookmarking sites as well; which is why Squidoo has cracked down on what can be posted and the types of links that can be added. Thanks for the stats.

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