LinkShare Launches Twitter Tool for Affiliates to Use

In an effort to bring an “online Twitter mini-mall” to consumers LinkShare has announced a #tweetshop tool which allows affiliates to tweet recommendations of merchants’ products for their followers to see. Recommendations can be put together within one interface, and here’s a LinkShare’s video on how this works:

Very cool idea. Kind of like PopShops for Twitter. More about it here. One suggestion and one question to LinkShare:

Suggestion: I think it would be much more convenient for affiliates if the drop-down menu displayed only the advertisers who have already been joined by the affiliate (and it’s okay if for this purpose the tool is available only from within the affiliate’s interface).

Question: What about the mandatory disclosure of material connections?

1 thought on “LinkShare Launches Twitter Tool for Affiliates to Use”

  1. Looks like this is becoming a new trend… Just learned of Amazitter, an iPhone app to recommend products through affiliate links. More here.

    All seem to omit the part about the compulsory disclosure of affiliate links at first. LinkShare sounds like they’re gonna add it in some form.

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