Introduces a Disclosure Policy Solution

Earlier today Janet Meiners Thaeler (aka NewspaperGirl) tweeted: is said to have been born “in response to a continued push for transparency and honesty in blogging and within social media and digital communications”. This solution seeks to address the problem of “no established structure or format for disclosures to follow”, and provide “a series of simple and transparent disclosures that are identifiable at a quick glance, even within the tight constraints of 140 character twitter messages” [more here]. I especially like (a) the option of eloquently disclosing on Twitter via their short URL (e.g.: disclosure of a sponsor-endorser relationship –, and (b) the idea of a WordPress plugin mentioned in the above-quoted tweet. has categorized all disclosures into 6 types: (i) unpaid personal opinion, (ii) feedback on a review copy, (iii) one in response to a sample receipt, (iv) paid/sponsored post, (v) one where an employee/shareholder/business relationship is present, and (vi) custom disclosure: Types of Disclosure Policies

They are now in Beta and open to suggestions. The service will be offered free of charge. So if you have ideas on how to develop/improve it, I am sure they will embrace them with open arms.

Good to see this development. Between, its WP plugin (whenever it launches) and the Generator affiliates will have some good options to choose from while wording their disclosure policies to comply with the new FTC’s disclosure rules.

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  1. Geno,

    You said what I’ve been too busy to write. I actually tweeted that someone needed to make some agreed upon standards to simplify things for bloggers. did just that, plus I love their URL (their domain is from Libya actually, I know because I bought – what a pain and expensive too).

    Nice screenshots, thanks for the mention.

    Blog on

  2. Yes, I’m also glad that we’re moving more towards the standardization that every blogger/affiliate craves. Thanks for that tweet, and keeping the community in the loop, Janet. WTG!

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