FTC's Video Response to Questions on Endorsement Guides

I have just found out that the Federal Trade Commission has published video responses to the following 6 questions:

  1. What’s new about the Endorsement Guides?
  2. Why did the FTC update the Endorsement Guides?
  3. What do the Endorsement Guides mean for bloggers?
  4. How do bloggers follow the Endorsement Guides?
  5. Is the FTC planning to sue bloggers?
  6. Where to go for more information.

These questions have truly been the most burning ones that affiliates have had ever since the day the FTC’s new Endorsement Guides were announced. Mary Engle, the Associate Director at the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, has once again calmed “bloggers” that there is nothing to worry about if you are being transparent and “upfront about the connections you have.” Addressing the how to question she said:

If a blogger does have a relationship with an advertiser that needs to be mentioned, it’s pretty simple… [just say that you’ve been given a sample or are being compensated for the sales put through after clicking on your link] …not too complicated, and it just should be straightforward and upfront.

You may view the videos one by one at FTC.gov or all six videos combined into one (only 2 min 22 sec long) on YouTube.com.

Now FTC needs to create a series of responses to the questions that thousands of advertisers still have. To mention but a few, they are:

  1. How do advertisers follow the Endorsement Guides?
  2. Is the FTC really expecting advertisers to monitor all affiliates/bloggers for proper disclosures? Any practical advice on the how to part?
  3. If the FTC catches a blogger/affiliate without a disclosure, will it sue the advertiser?
  4. What about bloggers/affiliates located outside the U.S.?
  5. Can you provide samples of the legal wording that meets the FTC’s standards/expectations for the advertiser’s advice to its affiliates?

Have I missed any?

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