Free Tool to Monitor Paid Search Trademark Violations

A friend, and fellow affiliate marketer tweeted:

Tweet about AdGooroo trademark monitoring

If you are looking for tool to monitor affiliate (and competitor) bidding on your trademark, AdGooroo does seem to have a free option offering a “24/7 monitoring of 6 search engines in 20 countries” with a “deep analysis of over 155 ad servers and affiliate networks” [more here].

You can open a free account with them if you want to monitor 1 trademark (which can be increased to 10 trademarks if you refer three friends — edit: as of January 2010, this offer is no longer valid, and they only offer free accounts for 1 trademark). Here’s what their website says about the monitoring for infringements by affiliates:

AdGooroo - track infringements by affiliate

Sounds like a must have for merchants who need a tool to monitor trademark violations, as well as for affiliate program managers who operate programs which prohibit trademark bidding. I will play with it, and let you know how it works for me. Thanks for that tweet and email, Rehan!

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