Turn-Key Solutions for Affiliates

Turn key Got an email from an affiliate which goes as follows: “I’m a new affiliate and I would like to know if you know of any Turn Key operations available at this time.”

While you can certainly purchase an already functioning affiliate website, and start your affiliate journey this way, I would highly recommend you start by building something yourself. First of all, because purchasing a successful affiliate website will undoubtedly be a more expensive way to start as an affiliate; and secondly, due to the simple reasoning that to become a successful affiliate marketer you really want to learn things from the inside out, thereby becoming capable of exploring new niches, and monetizing newly-built websites.

In response to the above affiliate’s question I’ve asked him if he has ever heard of PopShops. He said “no”, and the idea for this blog post was immediately born. There are several truly turn-key affiliate solutions that are worth looking into:

Most of the above do not require any technical education/experience, and any “new affiliate” can start using these right away.

If I have missed any tools/solutions that you believe should be included here, please do let me know by posting about them in the comments area below.

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