Time for List of Top Affiliate Marketers?

TrophyInspired by the popularity of the last year’s effort to compile a list of the “the top 100 most influential online marketers”, Ivesp Consulting has done it again. The list of Top 100 Marketers of 2009 has been compiled, published, and opened for voting just yesterday. I am glad to see quite a few of my good friends on the list, but it is especially good to see affiliate marketing folk up there. Here are the people directly related to the affiliate marketing industry that made the list:

  • Andy Beal
  • Angel Djazambov
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • John Chow
  • Joost de Valk
  • Michael Streko
  • Rae “SugarRae” Hoffman
  • Shawn Collins
  • Vinny Lingham

Congratulations to all of the above (it makes my own voting a more difficult task now), and here’s an idea:

Affiliate Summit is awarding its yearly Pinnacle Awards, ABestWeb.com has its “The Best Of” awards, Affiliates4U.com in the UK has instituted a4uAwards, and of course, there are awards specific to affiliate networks too. However, not one affiliate marketing community or organization has ever had a list of the top affiliate marketers compiled (nominated by the industry, and voted by the industry as well). It is time for one?

2 thoughts on “Time for List of Top Affiliate Marketers?”

  1. Hi Geno –

    Thanks for the mention. I think it would be great to see an affiliate marketing list, but it would be tough to make it all-inclusive, since many successful affiliates intentionally keep a low profile.

  2. Good point, Shawn. I guess in case with affiliate marketing some of the names will then have to stay disguised behind screen names. In many cases, the actual names of the influential ones are known.

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