Ready for Post-Holiday Shoppers?

Not sure how many of you are following @GoogleRetail on Twitter, and saw their below tweet, and the post it is linked to, but I believe it is an extremely important one to miss:

GoogleRetail tweet

The blog post that appeared on Google Retail Blog earlier this month (and the one that they’re linking to from the above tweet) quoted the Google/OTX Consumer Intentions for Holiday 2009 report which projected:

  • 62% of consumers will still shop after the holidays
  • 10% “won’t even begin purchasing until after the holidays have ended”

I must admit, I fall into the 62%, waiting until after Christmas to buy a couple of items too. The 10% that don’t plan on shopping “until after the holidays” is interesting data.

MediaPost has just reported that Wal-Mart is already actively preparing for the post-holiday shopping creating “plenty of motivational bargains” in forms of bargains and deeper discounts.

Affiliates and merchants, are you getting ready to entertain the post-holiday deal-seeking consumers?

2 thoughts on “Ready for Post-Holiday Shoppers?”

  1. I do buy lots of stuff after the holidays and put them in my future gift box. I think I save tons of money that way and I always have something to give when I am invited to last min events/parties 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ayako.

    It looks like the same trend is present in Britain too. writes that “around 4.3 million people will go online” during the Christmas Day “spending £120 million”, and last year such tendency made the Christmas Day “the seventh busiest online day of the year.”

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