Happy New Year 2010!

Wow! Look at the Twitter trends:

New Year 2010 Twitter trend

Add the other holiday-related “popular topics” (like Santa, Christmas, etc), and no doubt the spirit of the winter celebrations is all around us! 🙂

I wish all of my readers a very Happy New Year too:

Happy New Year 2010

In Russia it is customary to send proper wishes (not just “happy” or “merry”, but say what you wish for the greetings recipient to have in the new year). Therefore, I wish you all much health, peace, and success in everything you do!

Have you made your New Year’s resolution(s) yet? I’ve made five this year: one health-related, two personal/family-related, and two professional ones.

Happy New Year, and may God give us all strength and patience to stick to our resolutions throughout the year!

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