Post-Holiday Shopping Trend

Two weeks ago I wrote how holiday-related niches can make an affiliate an annual salary within just one month (however, cheesy this may sound, it’s true). A few days later I blogged about the staggering statistics that out of the 62% of consumers that shop after the holidays 10% don’t even begin shopping until after the holidays have ended. Today I’ve been looking through the December 2009’s affiliate program performance statistics, and the data I’ve seen is too stunning not to blog about. Since a picture is always worth a thousand words, here’s a graph to illustrate what I want to emphasize today:

Affiliate program holiday season performance

Key points:

  • The peak of the season’s shopping activity was reached on 9-10 December (point 1 on above chart)
  • However, the cumulative affiliate-refereed sales volume that was registered between 26 and 31 December exceeded the 9-10 Dec volume by ~225% (see point 2 above)
  • Having combined aggressive promos with precise targeting, the merchant was able to witness a ~4.5% pre-holiday (before 12/25), and ~7.5% post-holiday (after 12/25) click-to-sale  affiliate conversion
  • The post-holiday AOV (average order value) has been ~12% lower than the pre-holiday AOV, but taking substantial sales promos into account, this is quite natural

Still not convinced that post-holiday opportunities can be as good (or sometimes even better) than the holiday ones? Too bad for you. Whether you are an affiliate or a merchant, you should be taking advantage of the above trend.

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