Super Snow is Back to Virginia and DC

mid-February 2010 snowfall in DCJudging by the stats for the past 60 days, the 5th most popular post (by views) in my blog has been my Historic 2009 Snowfall in Virginia one posted on December 20, 2009 after it’s been snowing for two days straight.

Everyone who thought that was the super snow (including myself) were wrong. Look at the Twitter trends for Washington, DC now (image on the right) and you don’t have to be here in Northern Virginia to see the kind of snow we’re getting here now. Eight out of ten most discussed types of tweets now are about the super snowstorm we’re having right now.

CBS News has christened it “monster snowstorm”. “Extremely dangerous” and “epic” are the words used by the government; and it is being reported that “this storm could top the record 28 inches that blanketed the nation’s capital way back in 1922.” More here:

Power out………….. 🙁

5 thoughts on “Super Snow is Back to Virginia and DC”

  1. My power is back on (after some 8 hours of outage!!) The prospect of sleeping in a heated house is liked by my family much better than all in one room by the fireplace… Well… Only the Little Princess is a bit disappointed.

    Thank you, Dominion, for restoring it for us. I know, today has been an uneasy day for you (over 250,000 households left without power because of this severe storm). Your hard work is appreciated.

  2. Cool post Geno,

    I’m in Fairfax and I couldn’t believe 7-11 was open… didn’t look like cars could get there. Thank god my power only went out for 5 minutes.

    Btw, I found your blog on

  3. Lucky you, Terry. We were prepared to face a heatless night, and really appreciated the power coming back on when it did.

    Maybe the 7-11 was open because they just couldn’t get out. 🙂

  4. Due to the accumulation, we were closed on Saturday.

    I found that the snow was quite light and easy to shovel away, however, and I was dug out completely ( and my two neighbors ) in less than an hour.

    Now, I think we are getting another BIG one tomorrow, February 9, 2010….

    So we’ll see if we are open on Wednesday or not.

    Geno, what was the worst snowstorm and accumulation you ever experienced in Russia?

  5. Spent most of my day driving around the Greater DC today. Not something I would recommend anyone (especially if you don’t have a 4×4 truck like I do)! Stay at home unless you absolutely must get out. Many roads icy and unplowed (even I-95 in some places had only the left lane clean).

    Ron, I remember times when we had a foot and half, but the all-paralyzing effect was certainly not there. It must be that northern cities are just more prepared for serious winters.

    Stay warm, everyone!!

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