Current State of the Internet: 2009 Statistics

I love statistics, and I was certainly happy to find the below “The State of the Internet” video by JESS3 (Jesse Thomas) on Vimeo today:

Only one criticism: being so jam-packed with numbers, a video that’s close to 4 minutes long is frankly a bit hard to digest.

I am sure everyone will find something for (him)/(her)self in the above video; but here are the facts that have given me personally some new marketing ideas already:

  • 90 Trillion emails were sent in 2009, but over 80% of them were spam
  • By the end of 2009, there were 234 Million websites online, 126 Million of which are blogs
  • Women love social networking (84% of social network sites have more women than men)
  • Twitter: 27.3 Million tweets a day
  • Facebook: over 6 Million pageviews per minute, which is supported by 30,000 servers; 350 Million members
  • Flickr hosts 4 Billion photos, while Facebook members upload to it as many as 30 Billion photos per year
  • YouTube serves 1 Billion videos a day, over 40% of which are viewed in the US
  • Average US Internet user watches 182 videos a month, and 82% of US Internet users are doing it

Thanks again for an excellent compilation of data, neighbor.

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