Four New Affiliate Marketing Tools Not to Miss

Affiliate marketing news Some of these have been announced earlier elsewhere, while others are really fresh baked, but here are the 4 new tools I haven’t yet blogged about, and want to mention them before I get swamped with other topics for blog posts:

1) NexusAware Database — it is a brand new (and one of a kind) database created by the good folks at GTO Management for affiliates to be able to find out by state what any specific merchant’s nexus status is.

2) Affiliate Aquarium by ShareASale — a new social network for affiliate marketers. Created for ShareASale-based merchants and affiliates as a “more open communication platform” where mutual interests would facilitate a deeper level of interaction. More at ShareASale’s and AffiliateTip blogs.

3) Deeplink Generator by — a FireFox add-on which makes deep linking as easy as a click of a button. Read more about it at Affiliates4u and AffiliateTip blogs. Also, here’s an excellent comparison of all similar tools by Keith Bond: One Click Deep Linking – Affiliate Network Tools.

4) Gift Cards Database by LinkShare — a compilation of this particular network’s advertisers, which shows publishers/affiliates which merchants pay commission on gift cards, together with info on trademark bidding and direct linking restrictions.

Have I missed a tool (or development) that has recently come out? Feel free to post about it below.

2 thoughts on “Four New Affiliate Marketing Tools Not to Miss”

  1. Great tools here. The FireFox plugin for deep link looks really interesting! Going to take a look at it now. Have you used any of these yet Geno?

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