AvantLink Launches Android Application. iPhone One in the Works.

One of my favorite affiliate networks, AvantLink, has just announced the launch of a mobile phone application – AvantLink Mobile:

AvantLink Mobile Announced

AvantLink Mobile allows both affiliates and merchants check their stats on the go (right from their mobile). Affiliate program managers can also review and make decisions on pending affiliate applications, while affiliates may review recently launched affiliate programs, and decide whether they may want to join any of them:

AvantLink Mobile merchant and affiliate interfaces

Considering the rapidly growing popularity of Android phones (Nexus One, Motorola Droid, HTC phones, Samsung Behold, Dell Aero, etc), this is certainly a very nice development by AvantLink. It is also good to know that a similar iPhone application is already in the works too.

6 thoughts on “AvantLink Launches Android Application. iPhone One in the Works.”

  1. Gary, you’re most welcome. Keep up the good work you’re doing at AvantLink.

    I have a question about AvantLink Mobile. Can affiliates view creatives for the merchants they already promote, to grab link codes, should they want to put together a quick blog post or tweet a link from their mobile?

  2. Geno,

    Currently we don’t have functionality in place for viewing merchant creative and obtaining affiliate tracking links through this mobile app.

    The initial affiliate functionality includes the current days performance summary overview report on the statistics tab and the ability for affiliates to review and apply to new merchant programs on the application tab.

    Merchant functionality includes a performance summary report as well as the ability to review and accept or deny pending affiliate applications.

    We figured we would get some basic functionality out there and then let the affiliates and merchants work with us to further shape the product.


    Scott Kalbach

  3. Gotcha, Scott and thank you for your quick and detailed reply. Good to know you’re open to enhancing/developing the product further.

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