My Most Popular 2010 Affiliate Marketing Posts …So Far

Should you care to know, today is already the 80th day of 2010 (seems like it’s been just yesterday that I’ve made my New Years resolutions, and we’re already that far into the year… wow). This being a nice round number, I have decided to analyze which of my 2010 already-posted blog thoughts/posts/articles have been most popular judging by how many people retweeted them (i.e. decided to redistribute them via Twitter).

So here comes my Top 10 Posts list:

  1. Online Guide to Affiliate Marketing — Hugely popular, and this doesn’t surprise me. To my knowledge, it is one of very few free (and constantly expanding) online manuals on how to start and run and affiliate program.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: My Predictions for 2010
  3. CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and the Confusion
  4. How So-Called “Amazon Tax” Harms Thousands of Small Businesses
  5. MLM versus Affiliate Marketing
  6. Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches
  7. How to Budget an Affiliate Marketing Program
  8. Drs. Foster and Smith Terminates Virginia Affiliates [tie with previous post]
  9. 400th Day Contest: Computer & Internet Jokes
  10. Affiliate Tax Prospect Now Clouds Virginia Sky

Thank you for all those RTs. It is always exciting to learn what makes the strongest resonance in the hearts and minds of my readers.

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