Become a Better Motivator by Appealing to Deep Seated Needs

Have you ever wondered if there are any other motivators available to affiliate program managers besides cash bonuses, prizes, and other extrinsic means of affiliate motivation?

There are!

It has also been proven that the more cash bonuses you give out, the more the per-bonus amount is expected to increase to create the same drive next time you decide to motivate by cash.

Super affiliates, who are also in this business for the money, are not picking affiliate programs based on the amount of an activation bonus, or even performance bonuses interwoven into the payment structure. Most of the time they have a longer term plan on how to succeed with this or that affiliate program, and their motivation comes from the challenge, the interesting work they’re getting themselves involved in, and the opportunity for further learning and advancement.

Read more in my newest article on affiliate motivation in the April 2010 issue of the FeedFront magazine, which may be read online or downloaded here.

New Look at Affiliate Motivation

See also the post on how the CSN Stores’ affiliate program manager uses some of the principles I’ve written about in the above-quoted article. Whether they are doing it intuitively or not, I certainly applaud the approach.

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