Top Technology-Related Jokes for April Fools' Day 2010

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Here’s my ranking of this year’s Top 3 April Fools’ jokes related to technology:

– 1 –

Google Translate for Animals

More than likely you already know that Google has changed its name to Topeka, but there is a news that is even cooler than that (at least in the opinion of one given linguist, and animal-lover).

While being extremely anti-machine-translation, I love Google Translate. It is obvious how much effort has been put into creating this quality product. But guess what?! Now there’s also a Google Translate for Animals, a new Android application which “translates animal speech into human vernacular”. Here’s how it works:

– 2 –

YouTube Goes Text-Only

On March 31 YouTube announced a revolutionary development: you may now choose to switch from HD to text-only (or TEXTp):

TEXTp is the result of months of intense transcoding efforts by our engineers, who toiled for weeks to ensure that a large chunk of videos on the platform could be reduced to their most basic elements. By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less taxing on our system — and have the added benefit of promoting literacy! …For every person who selects TEXTp and keeps it on while you watch a video, you save YouTube $1 a second, resulting in potentially billions of dollars of savings for us. So if you care about YouTube, you’ll use TEXTp today

– 3 –

Toshiba Introduces TubeTop

The world’s first  inflatable laptop is here! Thanks to Toshiba’s latest development “in aquatic computing”, affiliate marketers can now work right in their jacuzzis, the pool, or even in the ocean. More here:

Have I missed your favorite April Fools’ joke? Please post about it in the comments area below.

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