Social Media Use on the Rise, Affiliate & Mobile Underestimated

Just finished flipping through the newest eCommerce Research Report by Multichannel Merchant. It makes a good and interesting read, especially in light of the fact that online sales are currently growing considerably faster than offline ones [more here], and it is interesting to see what multichannel marketers value most, and what they overlook.

Here are the 5 things that I have found to be of most interest in this particular report:

1) Value of affiliate marketing has been ranked #6 (out of 8 option), beating display ads only by .2 points. Hmmm… I wonder if these 886 respondents really understand affiliate marketing:

Most valued online marketing methods

2) More marketing budgets are being spent on paid search than on search engine optimization:

PPC versus SEO: spending

3) The top 3 metrics marketers are measuring in their search engine marketing efforts are: (i) conversion rate (65.6%), (ii) percentage of new customers acquired (41%), and (iii) bounce rate (39.2%):

SEO and PPC marketing metrics

4) Very few are currently engaged in mobile commerce:

Mobile commerce

5) Social media is extremely popular, and a vast majority of respondents are satisfied with their engagement in it:

Social media marketing

You may download the full 9-page MCM report here.

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