First U.S. Mobile Affiliate Network Launched

I’ve known of Apprupt (a Germany-based performance marketing network for mobile applications), MobPartner (a France-headquartered mobile CPA network), but now there is a US-based mobile affiliate network too. It is called OfferMobi, and it was launched just yesterday (April 19) at ad:tech San Francisco. The company is owned by Mark Roth of OfferVault.

It appears that OfferMobi is highly dependent on RingRevenue‘s technology in this business. The official press release states:

OfferMobi mobile affiliate networkPay-per-call services offered through technology provider RingRevenue  will allow advertisers to track and compensate for high-quality calls…

“Given the widespread adoption of the mobile device and today’s advanced quality filtering and tracking technologies, we see an exciting opportunity in this space,” said Mark Roth, CEO of OfferMobi. “With our extensive knowledge of performance marketing and RingRevenue’s high-ROI call tracking platform, we’re well-positioned to help advertisers and publishers capitalize on the rapid growth and broad reach of mobile.”

OfferMobi’s platform allows advertisers to assign unique 800 tracking numbers to each publisher, who use those numbers in campaigns for application-based advertising, SMS, mobile network inventory and mobile search. RingRevenue’s detailed call filtering options assure a high percentage of quality calls, while real-time analytics give advertisers the data they need to adjust payouts, change call flow or take additional measures to ensure top performance.

I’ve gotten in touch with Stacey Clarke, the author of the above PR piece, to clarify RingRevenue’s involvement, and she confirmed that RingRevenue “will be providing white labeled pay-per-call services for OfferMobi users”, while OfferMobi will be “focused exclusively on mobile ready landing pages, compatible with a wide array of mobile phones and devices” also offering “mobile creatives” for affiliates to use.

Mobile marketing certainly has an enormous potential. I am only surprised it took so long for the first U.S. mobile affiliate network to spring up.

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  1. Hi Geno,

    Could you please tell me what exactly does apprupt do . Just chkd it out , doesnt look like any other mobile CPA networks like peerfly , or offermobi . Do they only focus on applications ? For ppl who want to make and market apps ?

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