3 Questions You've Never Thought of Asking an Affiliate Manager

Questions to AskA recent blog post by Logan Thompson made me think in the direction of “questions to ask your affiliate manager”, but in a slightly different way.

Here are the 3 questions you may have not thought of asking your affiliate program manager:

  1. What’s your favorite drink? — Whether it is their favorite latte, or cocktail, or something stronger than that, possessing this bit of information may get you a private commission (that will considerably increase your earnings) some time down the road.
  2. What do love doing when not working? — Be it gardening, playing with kids, fishing, golfing, or anything else, finding out about their hobbies and passions is so important! It’s not all about work. In fact, it’s things other than “work” that create stronger and longer-lasting relationships (at least, in my experience).
  3. What are the best ways/time to contact you? — Affiliate program managers also have a personal life, and at times may not be able to respond to affiliates right way. Appreciating this, and knowing both the best way to get a hold of them (some will prefer email only, while others are better with phone), and the time when they’re available, saves both parties a lot of headaches.

Important Note: All of the above questions actually work both ways: both as things for affiliates to find out about affiliate program managers, and as questions for affiliate managers to ask affiliates (current or prospective). In one particular case it took me over 4 years of relationship-building (see a poll on the subject here, as well a corresponding post and comments) to finally start working with an affiliate who has then become the top performer in an affiliate program.

If I have missed any other questions (especially the not-so-common ones), feel free to post them below.

3 thoughts on “3 Questions You've Never Thought of Asking an Affiliate Manager”

  1. I’ll second the “Important Note” you mention at the end. Affiliate managers often take for granted their opportunity to create a culture for their programs. The better they communicate and get to know their affiliates (and court potential affiliates), the more success they’ll likely see. Affiliates want to be treated well – and they want their opinion heard. Sounds logical, but for some reason it’s not automatic.

  2. I am really just getting started in affliate marketing (trying to set up a blog too).

    I live in SC and want to do some articles on the MB golf courses I have played. Naturally, I would like some related MB advertisements – so, stupid question… How do I go about finding/getting them and putting them on my blog?

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