20 Must-Follow Web Analytics Twitter Accounts

Web analytics Twitter accounts to followAre you into web analytics yet? If you want to succeed in digital marketing, you must be! All successful marketers (regardless of their focus, but especially affiliate ones) constantly measure, test, tweak and improve, replicating and perfecting what works, and cutting off what doesn’t.

Below I am listing the 20 Twitter accounts which I recommend for following on the topic of web analytics. I’ve excluded those that tweet announcements only (those that know me, know that I’m strongly against the usage Social Media for broadcasting), and did my best to list only those that regularly tweet actionable tips and advice. If I have left out your favorite one(s), please add them in the “Comments” area under the post.

  1. Google Analytics — Official Twitter account for my favorite web analytics tool.
  2. Yahoo! Web Analytics — Official Twitter account for Yahoo! Web Analytics.
  3. Omniture — Tweets of official Omniture announcements and blog posts.
  4. Avinash KaushikAuthor of Web Analytics: An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0, analytics evangelist for Google, co-founder of Market Motive.
  5. Eric PetersonWeb analytics consultant, author of Web Analytics Demystified and Web Site Measurement Hacks, creator of Twitalyzer.
  6. Jim SterneAuthor of Social Media Metrics, Web Metrics and other books, founder of eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, as well as of Web Analytics Association.
  7. Steve Jackson — Author of Cult of Analytics, consultant, speaker, and web analytics expert.
  8. Lars JohanssonStockholm-based web analytics expert who tweets about analytics, A/B tests, multivariate testing, etc.
  9. Marshall Sponder — Social Media and web analyst, blogger, and artist.
  10. Jason BurbyChief Analytics & Optimization Officer at ZAAZ, co-author of Actionable Web Analytics: Using Data to Make Smart Business Decisions.
  11. Dennis James — A NYC-based web developer who tweets about web analytics.
  12. ForeSee Results — Tweets on online customer satisfaction, web analytics, online experience, etc.
  13. PostRankOfficial Twitter account of an excellent online social engagement measurement tool.
  14. A/B TestsHelping people test their web sites/applications and share that knowledge with others, making everyone smarter in the process.
  15. KISS Metrics — A metrics solution designed for developers, marketers and product managers.
  16. Web Trends — Customer intelligence and web analytics.
  17. Web Analytics World — Tweets for Manoj Jasra’s Web Analytics World blog.
  18. SmartData CollectiveTweets from a data-driven enterprise community for business intelligence.
  19. Analytics Update — Tweets about web analytics, ecommerce, marketing, social media, SEO, etc.
  20. Datalicious — Data-driven marketing tweets.

My other Twitter lists which you may also find of help are:

10 thoughts on “20 Must-Follow Web Analytics Twitter Accounts”

  1. The list wouldn’t be complete without these rockstars:

    @dennismortensen (analytics in news media)
    @jimnovo (direct marketing, life time value and such)
    @immeria (maturity model and more)
    @minethatdata (datamining and analytics in direct marketing)
    @adamgreco (best Omniture expert around)
    @garyangel (most experienced hands on consultant, blog topics that you don’t find anywhere else)

    unlike some broadcasters (incl. me) these tweeple contribute absolutely unique thoughts and perspectives to web analytics and I’ve personally learned an awful lot from them

  2. Cool list. I got to know some new people, that we will watch from now on.

    I would love to see our app with its twitter account in such a list in the future somewhen. 🙂

    We are creating a social media metrics application at http://www.twentyfeet.com that will centralize all your web stats in one place. We only have twitter, facebook and bit.ly so far. But I would love to get feedback from you guys about it, as soon as it gets live in the next weeks.

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