15 Twitter Accounts for Marketer's Daily Reading

Daily marketing reading on TwitterThere certainly is no deficit of good content on digital marketing these days. In fact, so much of it is being produced daily that it becomes really hard to follow it all. There were days when I’d spend at least 1/3 of my time at the computer — just reading. This took away from the hours that should have been spent on other activities. So, to stay focused and read only what’s essential to my business, I compiled a list of Twitter accounts that belong to the resources I want to read daily. I can’t afford to spend the time reading everything that they publish; so a Twitter feed like this allows me to see all of their headlines in one place, and choose which ones to click and read.

I realize that everyone’s list will be different, but hoping my readers will pick up a few useful resources from the below list as well:

  1. Econsultancy — Tweets of Econsultancy.com’s blog posts, information, training and events on best practice online marketing and e-commerce.
  2. Search Engine Journal — Search marketing news and tutorials.
  3. Mashable — Tweets from the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news.
  4. Outspoken Media — Tweets of blog posts on SEO, Social Media marketing, online reputation management, affiliate marketing, and more.
  5. ClickZ — News and expert advice for the digital marketer.
  6. eMarketer — Digital intelligence on Social Media, mobile, media, advertising, retail, consumer products, and much more.
  7. Small Business Trends — Update on trends affecting the small business market. “Small business success … delivered daily”.
  8. Harvard Business Review — The latest Harvard Business Review blog posts, Management Tips of the Day, daily stats, and more.
  9. ReveNews — Content covering the internet advertising industry with a focus on ad networks, affiliate marketing, security issues, and the legal landscape.
  10. GeekCast.fm — Not exactly a “reading” as such (more of a “listening”), but a great hub of “podcasts for geeks… by geeks”.
  11. MarketingProfs — Blog posts and tweets on Social Media marketing, and more.
  12. MediaPost — Daily news and articles on online marketing, media, analytics, and much more.
  13. ProBlogger — Articles on how to succeed in blogging.
  14. Neuromarketing — It exists on the intersection of marketing, branding, and brain science.
  15. Social Media Examiner — Online magazine dedicated to Social Media and how businesses can use it.

Bonus: FutureNow — I don’t see a dedicated Twitter account for it (Bryan has one), but it’s a must-follow marketing optimization blog that I do want to mention [their website here].

As always, I’m open to suggestions, and if I haven’t mentioned a great Twitter account related to online marketing or marketing in general, please post about it below.

Also, my previously-compiled Twitter lists that you may find of help are:

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