50% of Top Comparison Shopping Engines Are Affiliates

According to comScore’s data, quoted at SearchEngineLand.com a few hours ago, an affiliate website (TheFind) has beaten Yahoo! Shopping “in terms of average daily users”, and 2 out of the top 4 comparison shopping engines (TheFind and Shopzilla) are active affiliates.

Here’s that data (highlighting mine):

Top 4 comparison shopping engines

More in the above-quoted Google Is Top Shopping Site, TheFind Passes Yahoo As The New Number Two post.

Who said that couponing and cashback are the only ways to succeed in the battle with the big guys?

6 thoughts on “50% of Top Comparison Shopping Engines Are Affiliates”

  1. Andy, thank you for your comment.

    TheFind has been around for some time, and I’ve seen them perform extremely well in most of the retail affiliate programs I’ve managed over the years.

    I agree, it isn’t easy to put together a really robust comparison shopping engine (and one that really adds value too). But the sakes are high enough to do your best. 😉

  2. When TheFind.com got $26 Mil in funding, I thought the VCs were nuts. Now I see that they are climbing to the top of the comparison shopping heap which is an expensive endeavor.

    They have an interesting strategy of providing smaller retailers a means upload their items directly to thefind for free. Google charges retailers for the ability to upload products.

    Thefind.com also spends a lot of money on paid ads. I see their ads in the strangest places, like on Statcounter.com.

    BTW – I also run a shopping portal which shows the most watched items on eBay. http://www.watcheditem.com/search

    Best regards,


  3. Thanks for your comment and the insights into TheFind’s strategies (both as far as the populating of their base, and as far as their marketing goes), Michelle.

    Interesting idea on the “most watched” eBay items! Best of luck with it!

  4. Thank you, Michelle, and glad to be of help. Unfortunately, I won’t be at the New York Affiliate Summit this Summer, but hope to attend the Winter 2011 one in Las Vegas.

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