WordStream Launches Free Negative Keyword Tool

Nine months ago, when I blogged my 5-step advice for paid search affiliates, I wrote:

Use negative keywords (or keywords for which you do not want your ad to show in paid search results, as they are unlikely to convert into the desirable action)

Using negative keywords not only helps you improve the clickthrough rate (CTR) and quality score of your paid search campaigns, but also prevents ad impressions for irrelevant keyword combinations, and saves you the money wasted on undesirable clicks.

Well, it appears that today the process of compiling lists of negative keywords has become one step easier. 50 minutes ago WordStream announced the launch of “the world’s first” Negative Keyword Tool. The best part is that its completely free. Here’s the video on it:

Affiliate program managers and affiliates alike will love this. Thank you, WordStream!

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