Content is King of Twitter (Beating Coupons)

On Twitter Content Beats CouponsMarketers (affiliates included) are actively using Social Media (especially Twitter), and, of course, one of the most popular “marketing methods” is the distribution of coupons and special offers through SM channels.

Guess what? It doesn’t work as well as you may be thinking!

In fact, there’s something that beats coupons and deals on Twitter, and that something is content.

I know you’re probably thinking “yeah, right!”, but a recent study by Lucent, a boutique word-of-mouth marketing agency that helps brands connect with moms, has revealed that US moms (who are known for being extremely deals-oriented) actually prefer tweets with “links to interesting articles/news” (71.3%) to tweets with “links to sales or special offers” (67.1%):

Information US Mom Twitter Users Would Like to See

Similarly, the majority of retweets (moms RT-ing tweets from businesses) happens when the original tweet contains a link to an interesting article (76.1%) as opposed to coupon codes embedded into tweets (66.7%):

What US Mom Twitter Users Retweet

Read more in eMarketer’s Twitter Moms Care for Content over Coupons post here.

The above certainly gives Social Media marketers some interesting food for thought.

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